Run multi-modal, complex
queries in a single call.

REAPI's simple query language lets you nest as many levels deep as you
need to find just the properties you're looking for. Our paging system
ensures that jumbo payloads don't slow down or strain your application.

Talk To a Data Expert

Turn your customers
into super sleuths.


Advanced Filters

Whether they are generating lead lists or doing academic research, users can finetune our filters to scan for precise scenarios and use cases.

Visual Search

Our polygon search puts the power in users’ hands to outline their target geo on a map.


Compound Queries

Search multiple criteria in a single request, including Existence Checks. Give users maximum flexibility to find the properties that matter most to them.

CSV Generator

Once your users have searched and found the addresses they need, you can deliver to them in downloadable CSV format using our CSV Generator endpoint. You specify what fields go into the csv.

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