Comprehensive Data on 157M US properties.

Our Property Detail API gives you the physical specs (Square footage, Lot size, bed/bath count etc) and financial details (tax, mortgage and liens) on every parcel in the US. More than 200 fields on each address in our warehouse.

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Insights on physical and financial details.

Property Specs

Structural details like Sq footage, BR/BA count, Building materials, Lot Size, Land Use type, Subdivision Name, Vacancy Flag, owner name and mailing address and much more.

MLS Data

Critical data on listed properties including Date Listed, List Price, Sale Price, Days on market, Pending and cancellations statuses, and agent name.

Sales History

Get sales prices and dates as well as means of transfer (Cash sale, inherited etc). Response object includes an array of current comparable sales. *Comps can be called seprately via our Comps API.

Tax Data

Assessed Value, Annual property tax amount, Date of last assessment by county assessor as well as any exemptions.


See details about the current financing, including loan amount, lender name, mortgage type (fixed, ARM), int rate, loan term and much more.

Foreclosure Data

Institutional grade FC and pre-foreclosure info, including existence of Notice of Default, Date of Lis Pendens filing, Foreclosure Judgment Date and Bank Name.

Turn information into insights

You have a model. And now you need to test that model. Well, in order to do that, you need data. Lots of it. Our API will let you dial in to the exact data set you need to run your analysis. Pull back 50k or 100k records in a single call. With REAPI you’ll have the data you need to make a good decision.


CSV Generator

Once your users have searched and found the addresses they need, you can deliver to them in downloadable CSV format using our CSV Generator endpoint. You specify what fields go into the csv.

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